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hina's Chang'e-4 to launch lunar spring04-12▓-2018 13:50 BJTChina's Chang'e-4 lunar probe is expected to do many things unprecedented in space history after it launches later this y▓ear, such as touching down softly on the far side o▓f the Moon and taking the first flowers to blossom on the lifeless lunar surface.The probe will carry a tin containing seeds of potato and arabidopsis, a sma▓ll flowering pl

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ant related to cabbage and mustard, and prob▓ably some silkworm eggs to conduct the first biological exp▓eriment on the Moon.The "lunar mini biosphere" experiment

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weight of 3 kilograms. The tin will also contain water, a nu▓trient solution, air and equipment such as a small camera and data transmission system.Res▓earchers hope the seeds will grow to blossom on the

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